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​​Greatest Supporters


Greatest Supporters

​​M-J Creatives is an ONLINE Nonprofit Co..
     Helping raise DONATIONS for all Non Profit Company's, where the client will 
choose the destination where it should go to.

for an example:

        My main goal are the Hospitals, helping them raise money for equipments, treatments, etc.....

   My main reason is for, by maintaining all Health Insurances, expenses as low as possible,

 for an example

  •        MassHealthStandard

     Have more options to choose and offer, besides plain health care, also, more options in eye care, dental and mental plan (ex: maintaining your own doctors)

​       Also, "HOPEFULLY"  maintain all Government expenses as low, and using extra for state emergency's, school supplies and better education for all.

​       Without discrimination,  

​#1 English 

#7 International (if you don't speak English)

Sorry NO BUTTON will be SAYING press [9] for Spanish

This Country was build and united from people all over the WORLD

​         We apologizefor not having items on sale at the moment trying to find the perfect way to send the money direct to theNon-ProfitOrganizations of your choice directly deposited into their account or to theCompany.                                         

  • - OurCompany won't have part keeping or touching the money that is donated directly to any Hospitals,NP Organizations, andFoundations.
  •  Items that donated, some will be part of the items can or cannot be exchanged, no acceptable returns



Greatest Supporters

​Coming Soon

Coming Soon