​         We apologizefor not having items on sale at the moment trying to find the perfect way to send the money direct to theNon-ProfitOrganizations of your choice directly deposited into their account or to theCompany.                                         

  • - OurCompany won't have part keeping or touching the money that is donated directly to any Hospitals,NP Organizations, andFoundations.
  •  Items that donated, some will be part of the items can or cannot be exchanged, no acceptable returns



​​Greatest Supporters


Greatest Supporters


Greatest Supporters

​Coming Soon

Coming Soon

   Creating '' Our Supporters '" page, besides just saying ''Thank You'' to the Volunteers,

   Where I already try to donate my time every month  by making custom:

  • Illustrated /Painted /Handmade -Birthday Cards, .....

       Advertising in our Website, will help us go forward, by helping with:

  • Materials, having Jobs, Volunteers and more..... also, ''Extras'' will go to help, other type of Programs we can create, offer..... also, that can save a child, someone's life and more. Including Monthly updates.
  • Also, the extras, left over will be sent right away directly to the- emergency fund account.
  • The emergency fund memo, will sent out to all main investors choosing or areas that needs the most and decided the right way.
  • Main Investors are Considered the ones, who pay's/ donates every month, over $2,000.00 a month
  1. Logo, Business card will be shown on every page, when donations are over than $500.00 
  2. 25% is sent to M-J Creatives to help with monthly expenses.   Any extras will be sent directly to emergency fund account.
  • If you don't have a website, we'll be gladly to create a special page with your company name and info.
  • Be part of saving lives.
  • Every donation is sent directly to the non-profit of your choosing - you'll receive an e-mail confirmation directly from them.
  • M-J Creatives does't keep the money - that will be sent to the non-profit

Thank You

Sara is a freelance Illustrator interested in Freelance Jobs.